Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC Boilers : Good Maintenance for Good Performance

High Mark Plumbing is prepared to assist you with your Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC Boilers. Boilers are often used as part of home heating systems. They provide a pleasant heat that is generally found to be more comfortable than forced air heat because radiators, hot water and steam pipes continue to give off heat after the thermostat has shut off the heat source. Read More >>

Rocky View County Emergency Plumbing

Imagine coming home the end of a long day, anticipating a nice meal and some quiet time in your home. You start to turn on the kitchen sink, and the spigot knob comes off in your hand. The sink begins to imitate a geyser – a hot one! What can you do? Who can you call? Not Ghost Busters, that’s for sure, but you can call High Mark Plumbing to take care of your Rocky View County emergency plumbing. Read More >>