Drain Cleaning in Langley

There are numerous solids and liquids that end up going down the drains in our homes or businesses. Some, like wastewater and soap residue, are common and cause little to no unease. Others, like hair, grease, jewelry, small toys, excessive toilet tissue and pieces of food can cause a real problem. Read More >>

Evolution of Drain Tile

To know how drain tiles began, it is important to know what they actually are. Drain tile or a French drain system draws water away from the foundation to prevent standing water and seepage into a home or business. Sometimes these drains become clogged with debris and intervention is necessary. The experts at High Mark Plumbing can help with your drain tile cleaning in Maple Ridge. Read More >>

Sewer Main Issues

A number of important systems run beneath our homes that we often ignore until there is a problem. One of those crucial structures is the sewer main. This series of pipes receives wastewater from our sinks, tubs, and other units and transports it underground throughout Coquitlam where it eventually drains into the regional treatment plant. Read More >>

Should I repair or replace my water main?

You know it when you have water main problems. If only one drain is backed up in your home, the situation is likely just that drain. If not one but most or all of your sink, tub and toilet drains are backing up, then there is an issue with your water main. You will probably also see beautiful patches of bright green grass in the yard where they haven’t been before. Read More >>

4 Types of Sewer Piping

Sewer systems of one kind or another have been around for thousands of years. We typically don’t even realize what kind we have at our homes or businesses until there is an issue with the sewer main. High Mark Plumbing can repair, replace or conduct sewer main cleaning in Burnaby no matter what type you have. Read More >>

Professional Drain Cleaning in Vancouver

Water and assorted debris (food pieces, soap, hair, grease, toys, waste, etc.) of varying sizes and consistencies swirl down the drains in our sinks, tubs, dishwashers and washing machines and are carried away numerous times every day without our even thinking about it. Problems arise when draining becomes slower than normal or these drains back up with no water flow at all. High Mark Plumbing offers quality drain cleaning in Vancouver with 24 hour service. Read More >>

Water Hammer – A Sign a Plumbing Repair is Needed Soon

Water hammer is a symptom of modern plumbing being affected by water pressure and not being able to adjust for sudden changes in pressure. Normally, residential plumbing has components included that cause a dampening effect during a sudden change in pressure, usually occurring when the flow is suddenly shut off. However, these “dampeners” eventually lose their ability to cushion the water pressure. Any Plumbing repair in Vancouver is best completed by professionals in their industry who can identify and correct the issue as quickly as possible, before a more severe issue occurs. Read More >>

Vancouver Drain Tile Replacement

Whether you are looking into purchasing an existing home or need to make some improvements to your current home, one major consideration involves your home’s drain tile. Maybe you have never heard of drain tile. What is it? Drain tile goes by many different names, including: land drain, perimeter drain, French drain, trench drain, rubble drain and blind drain. Essentially, your drain tile is a trench with perforated pipe and gravel that redirects groundwater on a downward slope away from a certain area or areas of your home, typically the basement or foundation. It can be installed inside or out and is underground. Read More >>