Water Heater Repair Near Chestermere

High Mark Plumbing has your water heater repair near Chestermere. Automatic tank-type water heaters were invented in the late 1800s.

The first water heater patented was the Geyser, created by British inventor, Benjamin Waddy Maughan. It was a clumsy thing that was somewhat dangerous to use because it was the water was heated with an unvented natural gas heater as the water flowed into the tub. First the water was turned on, then the gas ring lit. The gas then had to be turned off before the water was turned off. Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States, invented the first fulling automatic water heater in 1889. Ruud’s water heater used an electric heat exchanger that turned on when the water was turned on. The first tankless water heater was invented in 1929 by Stiebel-Eltron. Fortunately, modern water heaters have improved immensely from those early water heaters. However, even modern heaters require periodic maintenance and repair. The tank can collect sludge – which crowds out the water, the thermostat can go out, even the burner – of whatever sort – can sometimes fail. When these things happen, a professional repair person can save most homeowners both time and money.


Boiler Repair in Downtown Vancouver BC

High Mark Plumbing is on the spot with your boiler repair in Downtown Vancouver BC. You might ask exactly what a boiler is and what it does. The short, easy answer is that it is a device for heating water that can be used for multiple purposes, including heating. Boilers provide radiant heat, which generally feels warmer and remains more constant than forced air heat. With that said, boilers do require maintenance and repair.