Hiring The Best Plumber in Rocky View County

If you need a plumber in Rocky View County, look no further than High Mark Plumbing. When it comes to plumbing, pipe fitting, gas fixtures or even some types of electrical, we do it all. We even do heat pumps, because they often interact with water heaters. You might not think, by the way, that heating would go with plumbing, but if you have a boiler supported radiant heat system, then a plumber is exactly the person you need to work with your heating fixtures. Another area that you might not expect to go with plumbing, is working with sheet metal – but we can take care of that, as well – from the beginning of a project right through to the end of it. Read More >>

Hire The Experts When You Need Drain Cleaning In Richmond

No matter how much you monitor your household drains, there are bound to be times when you have a clog. One of the biggest problems is hair. While this is not too common in the kitchen sink, your bathroom tubs, showers and sinks often suffer from this issue quite frequently due to the nature of their use. A mat of hair in the drain is difficult to remove with a plunger or a drain snake so you will need to call a professional for drain cleaning in Richmond for this problem. Read More >>

Call For Help With Drain Tile Replacement In Southeast Calgary

How do you know if you have a simple (or not so simple) clog in your drain tile or if you have a more serious problem that requires drain tile replacement in Southeast Calgary? First, you have to understand what the drain tile is and what it does for your home. The drain tile system is a series of perforated pipes buried underground at the base of your foundation. The pipes take excess ground or rainwater either into a sump pit inside the lowest portion of your house or away from the structure to keep it from flooding your basement or crawl space. Read More >>

Take Care Of Your Plumbing In Rocky View County

Even if you have the best plumbing in Rocky View County, there is bound to come a time when you have a clog in the drain or toilet. Numerous items get dropped or placed in the drain and toilet all the time. While some things may not cause a total blockage, over time the issue may become more severe and completely stop water flow. It’s best to call a pro to handle your clogs before they lead to more damage. Plumbers may handle pipe congestion in different ways, depending on the fixture and the severity. Read More >>