Call The Experts For Coquitlam Sewer Main Cleaning

If you are like most homeowners, you do not spend much time thinking about your sewer lines. Unfortunately, this could be something that eventually backfires on you. If you have a backup in the lines, your home will likely become unfit to live in for a time and the cost for repair a bit steep. Schedule periodic sewer main cleaning in Port Coquitlam for some added insurance and take the time to make sure that your sewer lines remain clear by following these valuable tips. Read More >>

What You Should Know About Drain Tile Cleaning In Airdrie

A clogged drain is something that happens from time to time and usually just becomes a simple nuisance. However, there are times when it can cause severe, expensive problems at your home that will need to be addressed. One type of drain system that your house might have that you may not even be aware of is a drain tile or French drain. This specialized underground piping redirects water from the foundation, basement or crawl space. There are two kinds of drain tile – interior and exterior. High Mark Plumbing has experienced plumbers who are well-equipped for periodic drain tile cleaning in Airdrie. Read More >>

Shawnessy Plumbing Service

High Mark Plumbing proudly offers expert plumbing service in Shawnessy for all your plumbing needs. Our experienced team can tackle virtually any issue with your plumbing, from clogged drains to sewage backup to a leaky faucet. Pipes are our business and we know how to deal with them. We are also equipped to handle electrical situations involved with plumbing, like radiant heat systems and heat pumps. You can count on us to do the job right the first time. Read More >>