3 Things People Do That Require Professional Drain Cleaning in Abbotsford

3 Things People Do That Require Professional Drain Cleaning in Abbotsford

Are you looking for a professional team that can handle drain cleaning in Abbotsford for you? High Mark Plumbing wants to be your go-to for plumbing service. We’re proud to serve the community in Vancouver with quality plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services, and much more, and we’re dedicated to helping you get long-lasting maintenance at a fair price.

We’ve all done things that have messed with our pipes sometime or another, and you may not know precisely why this or that is a bad idea for maintaining your pipes. For example, you may know that pouring cooking grease is terrible for your kitchen drain, but you may not know why that is.

Here are a few practices to avoid so you can save money on potential repair costs in the future:

Pouring grease and food down the kitchen drain, even if you have a garbage disposal

If you want to guarantee that you’ll have a clogged drain that needs professional cleaning, simply pour grease down your kitchen drain. Even when it’s in a liquid state when you dump it, all cooking grease eventually solidifies deep down in your pipes, which can cause a much bigger problem down the line. Even garbage disposals aren’t perfect for disposing of food. Rice, flour, potato peels, and other fibrous and starchy foods can still clog up your drain, even if you process it thoroughly with your garbage disposal system. Be judicious with how you dispose of your food and make use of items like sink strainers to minimize food waste that can clog up your sink.

Altering your sink piping or drain system to conserve or recycle water

While this isn’t a practice that’s commonly done, this was featured by at least one major newspaper that was praising the efforts of college students trying to go green. One thing they did was remove drain parts underneath their bathroom sink, including the P-trap, so that wastewater could be collected to water plants outside.

This action, while done with good intentions, poses a couple of problems. For one, gray water is a potential contamination issue for local health departments to tackle that affects the safety of residents. On top of that, there’s now a hole in pipes pumping sewer gas into the bathrooms, which is also very dangerous. Keep drain pipes plugged at all times, and leave water conservation efforts to professionals who can safely Implement them for you.

Flushing trash down the toilet

Everybody has done this. We all know that only toilet paper and waste should go down the toilet, but we still dump little things of trash down there every so often regardless. However, you have to consider the infrastructure of a toilet every time you flush things that don’t belong there. Your garbage doesn’t get magically transported into the sewer. It instead goes into a 3-inch drain pipe that leads into another drain pipe, and if that gets clogged, that can plug up your entire house. If you want to prevent this issue, simply don’t flush anything down the toilet unless it is toilet paper or waste.

However, no one’s perfect. If you find that your pipes are clogged and need drain cleaning in Abbotsford fast, High Mark Plumbing is ready to come to you and ensure that your pipes are working as good as new. For more information about our plumbing repair services, or to schedule an appointment for lightning-fast emergency service, give our team a call today at (604) 678-1650.