4 Tips to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

At High Mark Plumbing we know that when a Vancouver Burst Pipes it is no laughing matter—in fact, one burst pipe can release 250 gallons of water within one day! When pipes get too cold they literally explode, releasing flood gates detrimental to your home in more ways than one. The only way to keep yourself safe in the cold winter months is to take the proper precautions for keeping your pipes warm.

 1. Just before the cold weather sets in, remove the garden hoses, it’s easy for water to get trapped in the hose, making it susceptible to freeze and then affect the connective pipes attached to your home.

 2. In order to keep the pipes in your house warm, allow your faucet to drip out a small amount of warm water all night, this will keep the pipes warm enough to avoid a freeze over. Another thing you can do before bed is to open up the cabinets that have sinks beneath them, this allows the warmer air to get inside and help keep the pipes at a comfortable temperature.

3. Use the heater! Making sure that your house does not drop below 55 degrees is key to keeping your pipes warm enough to survive the colder months. If you plan to leave your home for the holidays, have a neighbor or trusted friend check in on the place, adjusting the thermostat as needed. While it might be a pain to pay for the heater when you’re not even home to use it, it will be much cheaper (and far less painful) than coming home to burst pipes.

4. Even if you keep your thermostat set high, pipes will still be cold if winter air is seeping in through a poorly insulated roof or walls! In order to lock in the warm indoor air, high quality insulation is adamant. If you have an older home, the insulation might need replacing, a chore that is well worth the initial cost as it will keep your energy bills down and help prevent bursting pipes.

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