4 Types of Sewer Piping

Sewer main cleaning in Burnaby Sewer systems of one kind or another have been around for thousands of years. We typically don’t even realize what kind we have at our homes or businesses until there is an issue with the sewer main. High Mark Plumbing can repair, replace or conduct sewer main cleaning in Burnaby no matter what type you have.

There are four typical types of sewer pipe that are seen in today’s systems:

White PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the most common kind of sewer pipe. It lasts a long time, is very durable and is efficient at repelling bacteria. Primer is utilized to assist in bonding PVC pieces together.

Black ABS or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is another type of heavy-duty plastic pipe that does not require primer to seal.

It is important to note that while either PVC or ABS pipes work very well in separate instances, they cannot be used together in the same application because they expand at different rates.

Cast-iron pipes are often seen in older homes. They are adept at maintaining water pressure but will rust and then rot over extended periods of time and must be replaced.

Orangeburg pipes were used frequently until the 1970s and were created from a combination of coal tar and wood fiber. These pipes collapse easily and are also found in older businesses and residences. These, too, must be replaced for efficient and effective water flow.

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