American Standard: The Standard for Home Furnaces

With the coming of spring, most folks are turning off their furnaces and getting ready for the cooling season. Everyone enjoys that brief time when windows are opened and breezes flow through our homes and bring with them the clean smell of spring. Many homeowners American Standard Furnaceput winter out of their mind and along with in the high fuel costs of their heating their homes. Actually, now is a great time to install a new American Standard Furnace in your home.

Burnaby American Standard Furnaces are extremely efficient with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings, also known as AFUE of 80 percent to 98.7 percent. The AFUE percentage represents how much of the fuel used by the furnace is turned to heatt. A high AFUE score indicates how much of the fuel is converted to home heat – the higher the percentage the better.

About 25 percent of American homes have furnaces in them that are more than 20 years old. There is no question that if a furnace of this age breaks down the best option is to replace it. Furnaces over 10 years old generally have maximum AFUE of only 60 percent. This means that for every dollar a consumer pays for furnace fuel, 40 cents is wasted! The savings in fuel costs will significantly reduce your operating costs and can be used towards paying for a new American Standard furnace that is more efficient and cleaner.
American Standard is famous for the reliability of its products. Every furnace comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranties are available.

American Standard furnaces Burnaby are homeowner friendly, set the thermostat and forget it. The only maintenance a homeowner has to do is an easy monthly filter change.
American Standard in renowned for its advanced technology. Furnaces manufactured by American Standard feature the latest technologies in heating design and engineering to insure optimum product life and trouble-free service.

Our expert Burnaby heating technicians can measure your home, spec out your furnace and install it quickly. We perform our installation in a professional and workman like way and leave your home as clean as we found it. Installation includes complete instructions to homeowners about your new American Standard furnace and its features and we won’ t leave until all your questions are answered.

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