Arbutus Vancouver BC Water Heater Replacement

Arbutus Vancouver BC water heater replacement

Winter is hard on your home infrastructure. If you have a major power outage and are unable to heat your home, this could have an adverse effect on your water heater. High Mark Plumbing can help if you need an Arbutus Vancouver BC water heater replacement.

Hot water on tap is one of the best perks of modern civilization. When you come in from a hard day at work, whether it is sitting in front of a computer tapping keys all day or out in the wind, snow, and ice taking care of those emergency outages, nothing feels better than a hot shower or a warm soak in a bubbly bath. Your pores get clean, your sinuses receive a steam treatment, and the warmth helps you to relax.

In the later 1700s, hydropathy was a medical treatment. Considering the state of cleanliness in those days, it was likely to have been an exceptionally practical one. However, those baths were cold water baths, designed to seep into the cracks of open wounds and flush out pus. It was not until 1805 that Dr. John Currie of Liverpool published a book on the use of both hot and cold baths in curing illness. Vincent Preissnitz, a farmer’s son, healed his own broken ribs through use of damp bandages and drinking water. He became the head of a famous hydropathy clinic.

High Mark Plumbing can help with your Arbutus Vancouver BC water heater replacement, just call (604)945-6060. Today, we know much more about the healing properties of clean water – and we also know that your shower or bath doesn’t need to be cold to be healthful. We consider it part of our job to help you keep your home provided with both hot and cold water on tap.