Are You In Need Of Expert Water Main Replacement Coquitlam?


Are You In Need Of Expert Water Main Replacement Coquitlam?Your home or business space depends on the water main to bring water to your building each day. As with just about anything, sometimes these piping systems require repair or replacement if they are not functioning as they should. Leaks can result from a variety of problems that include aging, changes in weather or maintenance that has not been performed on schedule. There is often some confusion about who is responsible for taking care of repair or water main replacement in Coquitlam – the city or the homeowner. Let’s clear that up.

The water main is a large pipe that connects to your home or business piping system and it takes water from the main line to you, as needed. There may be a manhole or other similar item that contains meters that measure your water usage. A pipe attaches to these meters and goes out to the water main that is usually located beneath the street. If there is a leakage or other problems between your meters and the water main, the county is usually required to handle it. However, note that you must take care of the area surrounding the water meters and ensure that they are always accessible.

As a business or homeowner, you are responsible for the water lines from the meters that run through your yard. If you find a leak or a broken pipe, you must address the issue by contacting an experienced plumber. Indications of a problem are sinkholes, debris in your water, a higher than average water bill or wet spots in your landscape. Turn off the main water source if you find one or more of these situations and call your plumber as soon as possible to avert additional damage.

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