Are You In Need Of Hot Water Heater Repairs & Service in Vancouver?

Are You In Need Of Hot Water Heater Repairs & Service in Vancouver?

To keep hot water heaters in Vancouver in peak operating condition, you can follow a few simple maintenance steps on a regular basis. This can save you a lot of money in service calls and keep the hot water flowing when you need it most.

Each time water is added to your tank, any sediment and minerals in the water settle on the bottom. These materials take away from the efficiency of your unit and can cost you later. If not addressed, they can cause rust, which will eventually require you to replace your entire tank.

To ensure that your tank maintains its efficiency, you can schedule a professional to complete an annual maintenance check on your water heater. The technician will look at your water heater and determine whether it is an electric or gas model and then find the pressure release valve, water shut off valve and water drain. The water shut off and pressure release valve are usually located on the top of the tank, and the drain is at the bottom.

The gas or circuit breaker will be turned off and the technician will get a hose, bucket, and gloves. The water to the tank will be shut off and the hose affixed to the drain. The water drain will be opened to discharge the water from the hot water heater. Water will flow and then stop. The pressure release valve will release the rest of the water and the sediment. This takes 10-30 minutes.

The water drain will be closed, and the hose removed. A bucket below the drain will collect the remaining sediment. When the water runs clear, the tank will be refilled. The water drain and pressure release valve will be turned off and water added to the tank. After the tank has completely filled, the circuit breaker or gas can be switched back on.

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