Are You Looking For Expert Drain Tile Repair In Southeast Calgary?


Are You Looking For Expert Drain Tile Repair In Southeast Calgary?While you have probably never seen the drain tile surrounding your home or maybe not even know what it is, this series of pipes underground is vital in making sure that your house remains dry on the bottom floor when there is excess rain. If you have water in the basement, crawl space or lowest level of your home, you have a drain tile problem and you should call as soon as you can for drain tile repair in Southeast Calgary.

Although it can be possible to repair a small segment of drain tile, it is not usually recommended. A total replacement is the best way to maintain the integrity of the pipe.

Drain tile is a perforated flexible pipe about four inches around that is placed below the ground surrounding the perimeter of your home. It is often covered with a mesh sock to keep out debris.

A backhoe digs up the current drain tile from the footer so that it can be taken out and replaced with a new pipe. The new drain tile is positioned on the footer beside the foundation and braced, if necessary, to ensure stability. A foot or more of small, clean rocks are placed over the drain tile to filter the water. The soil is replaced in the trench.

For sufficient drain tile protection, your yard should have at least a 2% grade slope from the foundation. Gutters will help carry water away.

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