Avoid Costly Repairs: Schedule Service for Drain Cleaning

Killarney Vancouver BC drain cleaning

High Mark Plumbing can take care of your Killarney Vancouver BC drain cleaning. Summer is a great time for things to grow – including tree roots into your drain system.

Trees are marvelous things. They shade our homes, they give off oxygen. Evergreens create sturdy windbreaks. Tree roots help keep soil in place and prevent erosion – but they don’t do your drains any good at all. Trees naturally seek moisture and nutrients – and the stuff that flows through the drains from your home is rich in both. Once tree roots have penetrated your drain system, they begin to act like a dam inside the drains, catching solids and creating a blockage. Of course, you know what comes next – the water backs up inside your house, right along with all the things you had hoped to flush. Fortunately, you can get those drains cleared without major damage to your valuable trees. It does not usually hurt the tree to have the roots that have penetrated the drain cut away by sending a cutter on a powered line through the drain. Once the drain is clear, certain chemicals can be used to inhibit regrowth without causing damage to the tree. Your drains once again do their job, and your tree continues to protect your house.

High Mark Plumbing can take care of your Killarney Vancouver BC drain cleaning, just give us a call at (604)945-6060. We’ll be glad to take a look at your drains, and to help assess the problem and take care of it. We understand just how important it is for your drains to work correctly. There is nothing more frustrating than a backed-up drain and all the resultant mess and inconvenience.