Avoid These 10 Stupid Plumbing Mistakes

As all good plumbers know, the plumbing industry will always have work. why? Because people will never stop doing stupid things to damage their plumbing. If you can avoid these problems, you may not need to call the plumber quite as often. If you encounter an issue with your plumbing contact Highmark Plumbing at 604-678-9440. We offer top notch, affordable Vancouver Plumbing Services and to the surrounding metro area.

1. Misuse of vent pipes.

Vent pipes are for venting. They are not for running cables, or any other purpose. These pipes are intended to give air to drains in your house, so that the plumbing can flow and the sewer gases do not enter your home. If you cut into these vents to run cables, you will notice a definite sewage smell in your home.

2. Removing the drain from a sink

In an effort to make their homes more green, some homeowners are taking out parts of their sink drains so they can collect wastewater to water their plants. This creates a similar problem as cutting into vents. Again, it allows sewer gas into your home.

3. Hitting plumbing pipes with a nail

When you are going to nail something into the wall, make sure you know what is behind it. plumbers often find themselves hitting a surprise in the form of a pipe.

4. Over use of drain cleaner

Drain cleaner can be helpful on the right type of clog, but if it is not working, do not just add more. These are highly corrosive chemicals, and when they start to corrode the drain itself they can make the clog worse, and thus make the job of the plumber you will have to call harder.

5. Not disconnecting hoses in the winter

Your hose needs to be disconnected in the winter. If not, the outdoor faucet or its supply line can freeze. This is not a good thing, and it can create expensive problems, so just disconnect it.

6. Adding chemicals to the septic system

If you have a septic system, Vancouver Plumbing Services wants you to take the time to learn what you should not send down the drain. Chemicals, like drain cleaner and chlorine bleach, can mess up the bacteria in the system. You may even need to avoid anti-bacterial soaps.

7. Sending grease down the kitchen drain

Grease will clog your kitchen drain. Put it in the garbage can, not the drain.

8. Joining dissimilar metals

If one pipe is copper and the other is steel, do not connect them. doing so will lead to corrosion, and that will lead to leaks. If you must connect dissimilar metals, use dielectric unions.

9. Relying too heavily on the garbage disposal

Do you think your garbage disposal means you can put anything you want down the drain? Well, it doesn’t. Fibrous foods, fruit and vegetable peels and flour will still clog your drain, even after a good chopping from the disposal.

10. Flushing away your garbage

Toilet paper is the only thing that should be flushed. That magical black hole actually leads to a three-inch drain pipe, and it can only handle so much. Flushing everything will back up the plumbing, sending it back into your house, where you do not want it. At Highmark Plumbing, our customers are our number one priority. When in need of Vancouver Plumbing Services, make your first and only call to 604-678-9440 or click Here. Make sure to check out our current promotions page for valuable coupons.