Be Sure To Keep Up With Maintenance of Your Hot Water Heater

Airdrie hot water heaters

High Mark Plumbing can install, service and repair your Airdrie hot water heaters. We understand the ins and outs, and roundabouts of water heaters. There are two main types of hot water heaters – those with tanks and those without. Each has advantages, and each has disadvantages.

The biggest advantage of a tanked water heater is that the water is always there, hot and ready to use – unless, of course, you have a large family, which can mean that the last person to shower or bathe must wait a little while or endure cold water. The biggest disadvantage is that because the water is being kept hot at all times, your water heater can turn into an energy hog. The next greatest disadvantage is that in areas where temperatures regularly fall below freezing, a power outage could result in the water in your water heater freezing and damaging the unit. On demand water heaters that do not have tanks provide exactly the same amount of hot water to the last bather as it did to the first. There is no large water tank to freeze, and you can save considerably on energy costs by not storing hot water. The disadvantage? The instant hot water you have grown to appreciate might not be immediately available from an on-demand water heater – especially if your water travels through an unheated space. If your water is colder than sixty degrees when it enters your “instant” water heater, it might require a heavy energy draw. Always be sure to keep your hot water heater inspected and maintained.

High Mark Plumbing can install, service and repair your Airdrie hot water heaters, call us at (403)407-5750 to discover your options. We can discuss advantages and disadvantages, and assist you with selecting the best water heater for your situation.