Being a Plumber in Langley

Being a Plumber in LangleyAt High Mark Plumbing we consider being a plumber in Langley to be part of living the good life. Plumbing was once reserved to the rich and privileged, but now is an essential part of any home.

A recent documentary made available on Amazon Prime about Almanzo Wilder shows the kitchen set-up for the Saturday night bath. First water was pumped or carried into the kitchen. Next, it was poured into large kettles set on the stove. The youngest children bathed first. In some households, the water was changed between bathers, in others the same water was used for everyone – which meant that the last to bathe were left with tepid, soapy water.  Today, we scarcely consider the wonderful convenience of being able to run a tubful of water or to grab a quick shower before an important event. No hauling, no heating, just turn on a tap and there is water at the temperature desired. And who makes that happen? Your plumber. If you are a youngster approaching high school graduation, and you want to go into a profession that helps others, you could do worse than to take up plumbing. You can learn plumbing online, but the best way is to apprentice with someone who is already in the business. In many cases, you can earn as you learn.

At High Mark Plumbing we don’t take being a plumber in Langley for granted. But we do want our customers to be able to enjoy all of the benefits of modern plumbing, without the inconvenience of leaks or other problems. If your plumbing needs some help, give us a call at (604)945-6060 to consult with one of our well-trained plumbers. We understand the essential need for water, at the temperature desired, without any fuss or bother.