Benefits of a Trenchless Water Main Line in Vancouver BC

Highmark Plumbing would like to share celebrating the benefits of a trenchless water main line in Vancouver BC. Trenchless water main replacement is a true marvel. Say goodbye to having your lawn or other landscaping turned into a lunar landscape or into a space that looks as if the zombie apocalypse was digging in.

Trenchless Water Main Line in Vancouver BC


With our new technology, you can say goodbye to all of that. Before work begins, all utility companies must be contacted so the location of gas lines, buried electrical lines, phone lines and even cable or computer lines run. No one wants to lose one utility while fixing another. Then, our crew will locate the place where the home-owner’s line connects to the city water main. Next, they will locate the spot where it goes into the house. A hole will be dug (just a little one with a shovel) at each location. Finally, they will determine the angle and the safest rout for the line. An auger is sent through the earth to drill a hole that is just right for the water main. As the auger is withdrawn, it will pull a line back through the new tunnel. That line will be used to pull a flexible water main into place.  New fixtures are attached to each end. The line is hooked up to the city water main on one end, and to the house on the other. The crew cleans up – and viewers can hardly tell they were there.

Highmark Plumbing invites you to enjoy the benefits of a trenchless water main in Vancouver BC. If you need a replacement, call (604)945-6060. Say good-bye to water leaks, and hello to an undisturbed landscape – we are still marveling at this technology ourselves.