Benefits to a Tankless Water Heater: Vancouver Plumbing Can Provide What You Want

Gas Tankless Water Heater DiagramAre you in the market for a new water heater? Before opting for the classic storage water heater because the initial cost to purchase the unit is less than a tankless water heater, take a long hard look at the advantages offered by a tankless water heater. Whether replacing an old water heater, or building your dream home, the tankless system’s actual cost to own is far less than a traditional storage heater.


How a Tankless Water Heater Works

As an on-demand water heater, the tankless system is very simple. When hot water is called for by opening the hot water valve (kitchen sink, shower, washer, etc.), cold water is passed over the heating coils and in a matter of seconds – voila! hot water is at your fingertips (or head, or clothes). With a gas fired heater, the pilot light remains lit, and a computer driven igniter fires up the heater as required. On electric tankless heaters, the power is supplied to the heating coil when hot water is demanded.

Energy Savings

Because the tankless water heater supplies hot water as demanded, there is a significant energy savings over the storage type heater. A storage water heater maintains the temperature setting for the volume of water in the storage tank. This continuous heating of water accounts for a large portion of your household’s annual energy bill. A tankless water heater only heats the water you use, when you use the water. Additionally, you can set the temperature on a tankless system closer to the actual desired temperature – no need for overheating and tempering with cold water. Furthermore, there is never any water wasted while waiting for the pipe run from the heater to empty of cold water – which can take quite a while for long pipe runs!

Never Ending Hot Water

Because a tankless water heater provides hot water as demanded, you never need worry about running out! Since you will never run out of hot water, there is no need to temper the flow – simply set the thermostat to the usage temperature – no moderation at the source is necessary.

Safety Considerations

Since you can set the tankless water heater thermostat at a lower level, chances of scalding are greatly reduced. This is a tremendous advantage where children are concerned.


The tankless heater is a great adjunct to a solar water heater, providing additional hot water as necessary. Because the tankless heater is so compact (about the size of a briefcase for electric models), you can place them for dedicated use in situations such as jacuzzis or a bathroom that is a distance from the primary water heater.

Improved Water Quality

The on-demand hot water system provides fresh water every time! No sediment from water that has been sitting in a storage tank.

Extended Service Life

Storage tank water heaters have an average life span of about 10 years. Its counterpart, on the other hand can last as long as 20 years! Some manufacturers claim that 1 tankless heater is equivalent to 3 storage water heaters.

The real cost of owning a tankless water heater is far less than that of a conventional water heater. Taking into consideration savings in energy costs, installation costs, replacement/repair/maintenance costs – you will be saving money by spending a little more up front at Vancouver Plumbing!