Boiler Repair in British Columbia

Boiler Repair in British ColumbiaHigh Mark Plumbing supports boiler repair in British Columbia. In many ways “boiler” is simply a term for a hot water heater. But it can be more. A boiler is essential to heating systems that depend on hot water or steam to operate. It can also have industrial applications if steam is used to operate machinery in a manufacturing plant.

Regardless of how a boiler is used, however, the repairs remain remarkably similar. A boiler requires safety valves, a thermostat, and some means of supplying heat. This can be done by using an electric heating coil, a gas fire or biomass – such as wood – to supply the fuel source. If gas is used, then there will be a thermocouple that senses the heat being supplied, and helps to regulate turning the gas on and off. Biomass will require a more active sort of participation in adding fuel. Also, the water tank for a boiler can build up silt and/or mineral deposits over time, displacing the desired volume of water. In addition, gas and biomass heaters both require a vent, a chimney of sorts to carry away fumes from combustion. Any of these things can require repair, and that is where we come in.

High Mark Plumbing supports boiler repair in British Columbia, just give us a call at (604)945-6060 if your boiler has a problem. We will be glad to send out a team to check, service and repair or replace parts as needed.  We will pay careful attention to safety valves in all models, since having one of them malfunction can become a major issue. We’ve been doing this for a long while, so you know that you are placing your equipment in good hands when you call us.