Boiler Service in Calgary

boiler service in Calgary

High Mark Plumbing is ready to help with your boiler service in Calgary. As winter approaches, now is a good time to check your boiler to make sure that it is performing correctly. Modern boilers that are connected to heat pumps are remarkably efficient, delivering the radiant heat that is so much more satisfying than forced air heat.

There are several things to check on your boiler before winter becomes established. One of the big ones is to look for leaks. That might include water pipe leaks where the cold water comes into the boiler, or it might include steam leaks as the heated vapor leaves the boiler and enters the delivery pipes. Steam leaks can cause walls to decay, wallpaper to fall off, and wood to warp. If we can catch those leaks early, we can help minimize any damage. Other areas included in a boiler service are to flush out the tank, check for mineral deposits or acid erosion of the interior, as well as to check valves, safety plugs and the thermostat. Depending upon the type of boiler, it is a good idea to check on the system for heating the water and evaluate whether it is working correctly.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 to learn more about boiler service in Calgary. We are always glad to help, and we are available after hours and on weekends for emergency calls. Modern boilers represent far fewer problems than those old monsters that used to reside in the basement, but if your boiler seems to be behaving oddly, it is always better to get it checked than to wait. Better safe than sorry, there are some repairs that just won’t wait for Monday – and we can help with that.