Boiler Service Shaughnessy You Can Count On

Boiler Service Shaughnessy You Can Count OnMost modern boiler systems used in the home are hydronic, meaning that they have a boiler that heats water that circulates through the house. A hydronic boiler system carries hot water via pipes to radiators or baseboard fin-tubes. As with any household appliance, things can go wrong with your boiler and cause it to malfunction or not function at all. Before you call the service tech for boiler service in Shaughnessy, see if you can tell what is wrong so that you can let him know what you think before he arrives. This can help him to be more prepared for a particular situation.

  • There is no power going to the boiler. Check the fuse or circuit breaker.
  • The water level is too low.
  • The propane or natural gas control valve boiler burner is shut. Open valve.
  • The pilot light is not working properly. Relight pilot.
  • Electronic burner ignition is malfunctioning.
  • Thermostat malfunction. Check to be sure thermostat is in heat mode and on the proper temperature setting.
  • Too much or too little water in the expansion tank.
  • There are excessive mineral deposits in heat exchanger and boiler.
  • An expansion tank is improperly charged with air.
  • Faulty pump.
  • Leaking circulator or pressure relief valve.
  • Leaking connection in a water pipe.
  • Air trapped in radiator or lines.
  • Malfunctioning zone valve or circulator.
  • Water stuck in return lines.

It is important that you make sure you always call a certified service technician for boiler service in Shaughnessy to ensure your safety and that of your family. You need to know that you can trust High Mark Plumbing to do the job right the first time. Call us today at (604) 678-1650.