Boilers in Burnaby

boilers in BurnabyDealing with problem boilers in Burnaby can be a tricky business due to the complexity of the mechanisms involved. When a boiler is functioning properly and at peak performance, we tend to forget about it and simply believe that it will do its job well. Periodic maintenance ensures that any issues are addressed upon discovery. However, sometimes things can go wrong. One crisis that must be addressed quickly is that terrible smell of rotten eggs that emanates from the boiler room at the most inopportune moments.

Although sharp and commanding, the odor is thankfully not indicative of a dangerous situation. It is caused by anaerobic bacteria that grow in the parts of the equipment that contain magnesium and aluminum – called sacrificial anodes. These components occasionally need to be replaced as the warm, moist and dark environment available to them is a wonderful breeding ground that is ideal for development.

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Malodorous or other troubles with boilers in Burnaby should be handled by the specialists at High Mark Plumbing. During our inspection, we can also uncover other difficulties that may be lurking unknown.

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