Boilers in Maple Ridge

boilers in Maple RidgeAt High Mark Plumbing we know all about boilers in Maple Ridge. Boilers resemble hot water heaters – and they do heat water very well – but they are often used for other purposes, such as heating.

As the days begin to warm, your heating system might be the last thing on your mind. However, we are likely to have a few cold days still ahead. Furthermore, now is a great time to think ahead toward next winter. Boilers make great heaters because they are workhorses when it comes to heating water. Radiant heat from circulating hot water or steam is efficient, quiet, and doesn’t move a lot of dust through you home the way forced-air heating is known to do. Your boiler and radiant heat system does need periodic maintenance, however. The boiler itself needs to be checked to make sure the thermostat is working correctly, that the safety valves are in good shape and that sludge has not built up in the tank. These are all common events in the life of a boiler – even the best mechanical things can wear out. If you have “hard” water in your area, calcium deposits can build up in the heating pipes and restrict the amount of hot water that can be delivered to an area. That can result in cold toes in spaces that are normally toasty warm. A good springtime checkup can keep your system in good condition for the end of this season and the beginning of the next.

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