Brighten your New Year with Sewer Main Cleaning in Maple Ridge

sewer main cleaning in Maple RidgeHigh Mark Plumbing can help brighten your New Year with sewer main cleaning in Maple Ridge. A nice, clean sewer main makes just about every plumbing appliance in your house work better, and that is a good prognostication for the new year.

For example, we all know what a dreadful mess a toilet makes when it backs up – especially if the effluent reaches a carpeted area or the facility is located upstairs. But there are other items that can cause a lot of grief if they do not drain properly. Probably the next biggest culprit is the washing machine. It takes a lot of water to do even a small load of laundry. When that backs up – Whew! You’ve got one big mess, and your laundry isn’t getting done either. That goes for washing dishes, too. Whether you do them by hand, the old-fashioned way or you use a dishwasher, when the kitchen drains don’t work it is a real problem. Even mopping floors, cleaning up after the kids and the pets and more can become a problem when those sew mains get clogged up – because, in most houses, the sewer main carries away the used water from every task in the household.

High Mark Plumbing can brighten your New Year with sewer main cleaning in Maple Ridge, just call us at (604)945-6060. Our knowledgeable team of responsible plumbers can quickly get those pipes diagnosed, cleared out, and even repaired if that’s what it takes, and your sewer main can get back to properly doing its job. After all, backed up plumbing is no one’s idea of a good way to start the new year. If your sewer main isn’t doing its job, we can help.