British Columbia Drain Tile Replacement

British Columbia Drain Tile ReplacementHigh Mark Plumbing has the right stuff for British Columbia drain tile replacement. Drain tile Replacement can be a little tricky, and the right way to replace it can depend a lot on the purpose of the drain. A drain might be carrying household waste into the main sewer; or it might be simply a drain that collects rain water and directs the way in which the run-off should flow. Both of these drains can be important as they keep rainwater out of sewer pipes, and sewage out of run-off systems.

For obvious reasons, sewer drain tiles should not have holes. They need to create a leak-free transit from the household waste disposal units, such as the bathroom commode and the kitchen garbage disposal. However, they can be solid or they can be flexible. Old style drains were made from clay tiles, but more modern drains are PVC plastic or from corrugated plastic. Each has its own advantages – for example, PVC is less likely to be crushed; but the corrugated flexible pipes are easier to snake around obstructions. Rainwater run-off drains, on the other hand, had small holes in them to encourage some of the water to seep into the ground, and to soak up excess water from the soil. Again, the pipes can be solid or flexible. But in both cases, the drain pipe holes should face downward into the ground to discourage silt and small gravel from clogging it up. One advantage of flexible pipe is that it can sometimes be pulled through a hole drilled through the ground relieving the need for extensive digging.

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