Calgary Drain Cleaning for Your Best Winter Holiday

Calgary drain cleaning

High Mark Plumbing can get your Calgary drain cleaning for your best winter holiday. Sound a little odd? Not really. Nothing messes up a gathering of family and friends like a backed-up toilet or clogged sinks. You can get ahead of this issue by getting your drains cleaned before the big day.

Drain cleaning is no longer a landscape destroying, earth moving project. With modern cleanout valves in place, it can quickly be accomplished well before time for your guests to arrive. The process is simple. The valve – which resembles a giant screw – is opened, and a camera run into the drain line to assess conditions. With the situation surveyed, we can set up to clear tree roots or just to give the inside of the line a quick clean to remove the scum that naturally collects inside a drain line – whether it is a storm drain or a household sewer drain. The buildup doesn’t mean that you have neglected your home maintenance – far from it. In many cases, it can be the result of diligence on your part. But it is proof that “down the drain” isn’t nearly as final as one could wish. Oil, grease, fats of any kind help debris cling to the sides of your drain creating a buildup that resembles the plaque caused by cholesterol in human arteries. The comparison is apt and accurate. Unlike your arteries, the solution for your drain is simple and easy.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 to manage your Calgary drain cleaning before your holiday parties begin. Planned ahead, it is usually a fairly quick process, especially if it is done regularly. We are glad to help make your holiday season a pleasant one.