Calgary Drain Tile Cleaning for a Better Springtime

Calgary Drain Tile Cleaning

High Mark Plumbing can help with your Calgary Drain Tile Cleaning. Now that cold weather is here, you might wonder what could be the point of drain cleaning at this season. If you’ve already gotten your drains cleaned, then you have nothing to worry about. If they’ve not been cleaned recently, then spring run-off could prove interesting.

Frozen ground in winter followed up by thawing snow and ice in spring can create quite a load for your drains. When storm drains overflow, they can sometimes drain into sewer drains – or vice versa – to create a sanitation problem. Under ordinary circumstances, storm drains and sewer drains are best kept separate to avoid solids from the bathroom and kitchen from mixing with groundwater. Clean drain tiles encourage the water to go where it should go, rather than allowing it to mix with sewage. When rainwater and snowmelt does overflow into sewers, it can overload the sanitation facilities, making it difficult to clean the effluent that flows through them.  Science and history have joined forces to instruct modern humans that this is a situation that creates the perfect setting for a variety of illnesses, ranging from a mild case of diarrhea to cholera – a disease that used to be a regular springtime visitor.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 to schedule Calgary drain tile cleaning if it has been a while since your storm drains were cleaned – or your sewer drains, for that matter. Clean drains are not a guarantee, but they can help prevent mixing groundwater and sewer water, and even help deter flooding since backed-up drains act like a dam. This is one of those cases where attention to small things can help prevent big things. While clean drains are not a cure-all for flood situations, they can help.