Call For Help With Drain Tile Replacement In Southeast Calgary

Call For Help With Drain Tile Replacement In Southeast Calgary

How do you know if you have a simple (or not so simple) clog in your drain tile or if you have a more serious problem that requires drain tile replacement in Southeast Calgary? First, you have to understand what the drain tile is and what it does for your home. The drain tile system is a series of perforated pipes buried underground at the base of your foundation. The pipes take excess ground or rainwater either into a sump pit inside the lowest portion of your house or away from the structure to keep it from flooding your basement or crawl space.

To see if your drain tile is blocked, check the sump pit (if applicable). If the pit is full or overflowing, water is not being pumped out quickly enough by the sump pump. Any clog will be more evident after heavy rain.

You can also examine the interior of the basement. Check the walls and floor for additional moisture that should not be there. Look for cracks and see if they are leaking. Water entering through cracks in the foundation is a sure sign of a blockage.

If you do not have a sump pit, locate the outlet for the drain tile system. The pipe usually somewhere outside your home. Again, after a heavy rain, see if water is flowing from the pipe. If not, or if the flow is too light, there is usually an obstruction somewhere along the line.

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