Call The Best For Dependable Boiler Repair In Okotoks

Call The Best For Dependable Boiler Repair In Okotoks

When you have a boiler system in your home, you need to have someone who understands their inner workings whenever you have a requirement for a boiler repair in Okotoks. This is a complex piece of equipment that will rarely need repair, but it is best that you have someone that you can trust when it comes time for a service call.

Once you start to notice one of the following problems with your boiler, it is time to call someone for repair:


Something that often warrants an emergency call for boiler repair is any sort of dripping or leaking coming from the system. If you have a leak that is coming from the tank directly, this can be a significant problem. What this usually means is that corrosion has begun, and it could require a full replacement. You may also have a leak from a pump or a pressure relief valve that needs to be replaced.

No Heat

When you have no heat coming from the boiler, it could be one of several issues. You may have a problem with the ignition, or the safety switch might be triggering and keeping it from staying on. You could also have issues with the thermostat or there may be a pump that is broken.


This is a fairly common problem that comes in the form of a rumbling or loud banging noise that comes from the heating unit. If you notice this, it is time to contact a professional to take a look. This means that there could be an overabundance of mineral deposits that are changing the pressure levels inside the tank.

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