Call The Experts For Coquitlam Sewer Main Cleaning

Call The Experts For Coquitlam Sewer Main CleaningIf you are like most homeowners, you do not spend much time thinking about your sewer lines. Unfortunately, this could be something that eventually backfires on you. If you have a backup in the lines, your home will likely become unfit to live in for a time and the cost for repair a bit steep. Schedule periodic sewer main cleaning in Port Coquitlam for some added insurance and take the time to make sure that your sewer lines remain clear by following these valuable tips.

  • Never pour any cooking oil or grease down the drain. Dispose of it in a container in the trash instead.
  • Chemical drain cleaners can harm your sewer lines. Opt instead for an enzymatic cleaner about once a month, which is nontoxic and will help keep the drain and sewer lines clear.
  • Trees and shrubs planted too close to sewer lines can cause problems with sewer lines. Roots can crowd or even crush lines.
  • Only toilet tissue is designed to go in the commode. Feminine products, diapers, paper towels, and small toys can eventually destroy sewer lines.
  • Old sewer lines are more susceptible to problems like root intrusion. Replacement with strong plastic pipes can save you money later.
  • Maintenance ideally should occur about once a year.

If you do experience a clogged drain, have a sewer line backup or any other plumbing issue, contact the professional plumbers at High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-1650. We offer convenient 24-hour emergency service and will gladly help you get your plumbing working at peak efficiency as soon as possible. Book your annual appointment for sewer main cleaning in Coquitlam and check this one item off your yearly home to-do list before colder weather sets in.