Call Us When You Need Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumber in Maple RidgeAt High Mark Plumbing, we know that the last thing you need is emergency plumbing in Burnaby – especially for the holidays. Imagine the embarrassment and the frustration of trying to prepare a big, holiday meal with the water shut off for repairs.

Imagine this scenario: On the morning before the first family gathering at their new home, a young couple faced a difficult situation.  “What is that sound?” the young woman asked her husband. “Did you leave the water on in the bathtub?” “No, of course not,” he replied. “Did you?” Grumbling at each other, they both entered the bathroom – then they could hear it: water gurgling inside the wall. Quickly, the husband grabbed the big wrench so he could go shut the water off (it was not their first plumbing adventure), while the wife hit the speed dial to their local plumber. Unfortunately, it was Christmas morning. With the water shut off, the worst was averted – but they did not dare turn the water back on. With great presence of mind, they made phone calls to relatives, asking everyone to bring a gallon or two of water to the festivities.

Too bad we weren’t their plumbing company. High Mark Plumbing has a 24-hour emergency line, so call us at 604-678-9440 for your emergency plumbing in Burnaby. Our radio dispatched trucks can quickly make it to your neighborhood, and our licensed professional plumbers can easily take care of your plumbing needs – from simple leaks to more complex problems. We can give the young couple an A+ plus for presence of mind and ingenuity, but we could have quickly had their leak repaired and their water back on. You can rely on High Mark Plumbing for emergency repairs and preventative maintenance