Choosing the Best Product to Clean Your Vancouver Clogged Drain

Inevitably, if you live in a home, apartment, trailer, etc. you will likely suffer from a clogged drain at some point. With five basic drain cleaning products, how does one choose the best for their situation? The Vancouver Drain Cleaning Services experts at Highmark Plumbing offer some advice on the matter.


A not so elegant, inexpensive tool, every home dweller should keep one on hand. Especially convenient for minor toilet or sink clogs, a plunger requires no expertise. The trick is to create sufficient suction to dislodge the clog.


Also referred to as a plumber’s snake, the auger can be purchased or rented for particularly stubborn clogs. Although it is advised that you hire a Vancouver Drain Cleaning expert from Highmark Plumbing if the clog does not respond to plunging or chemical solvents. Deciding to rent a power auger as a do-it-yourself job may not be the prudent choice. Professional plumbers are well trained at locating the clog and determining the least invasive manner to rectify the situation.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

As discussed in previous article, How do Drain Cleaners Work? can cause additional harm to the interior of drainage pipe. Be careful to read the labels to be certain not to put the corrosive products containing sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Many commercially available drain cleaner contain one or more of the corrosive agents. Additionally, some of the “foaming” drain cleaners can result in even more build-up behind the trapped grease and other particulates (hair, soap, etc.).

Natural Remedies

One of the most effective natural remedies for clog removal is a concoction of ingredients likely available from your kitchen cabinets. First pour at least one gallon of boiling water down the drain to soften any grease that has solidified. Immediately pour a small box of baking soda, followed by a quart of vinegar. The baking soda-vinegar combination will foam and potentially dislodge the already softened clog. Since the baking soda will ultimately dissolve, there is no residue left behind to make the clog worse. If you have the necessary products in your home, it can’t hurt to try!

Sewer Jet

Using a high pressure water source, the sewer jetter is a flexible line that forcibly flushes the lines. The jetter cleans all residue from the sides of the sewer line and is excellent for a recurring problem with clogs. Should your drain line repeatedly clog, call Highmark Plumbing your Vancouver Drain Cleaning Services experts to determine if your line would benefit from the sewer jetter.