Choosing the Best Commercial Heating for Your Business

If your building is due for a new furnace, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind when deciding which system is best for you. The experts at Vancouver Commercial Heating company High Mark Plumbing can assist you with your decision. To begin your search, keep in mind:

Heat Exchanger

The  longest lasting furnaces have corrosion resistant heat exchangers. The heat exchanger removes heat from the products of combustion within the furnace. Cool input air, recirculated from the building, is passed over the heat exchanger and transferred back to the building as heated air.

The most efficient gas furnaces also have a secondary heat exchanger uses the hot vent gases that would otherwise be wasted to provide additional heat to your building. The vent gases are processed through a secondary heat exchanger. The exchanger uses only the heat from the vent gas.

Usually the secondary heat exchanger on a high efficiency gas fired boiler are made of copper tubing or pipe. A fan blows ambient air across the copper tubes to heat the air. This warmed air is then transferred to the living (working) spaces of the building via ducts. The most efficient furnaces can have up to a 95% efficiency rating.


Ideally, you want a direct driven (rather than belt-driven) blower fan on your furnace. The direct driven fan is more efficient and has fewer parts than a belt driven fan. Fewer parts = less potential problems!

For optimum venting, look for an induced draft blower. This blower in combination with a pressure switch will insure safe operation of your gas fired furnace. The induction blower maintains the draft at a constant rate through the heat exchanger to remove all vent gases completely. The pressure switch can detect restricted flow and will shut the burner off for safety of building occupants.

Return on Investment (ROI)

So, you will likely experience sticker shock when shopping for a new Port Moody Commercial Furnace. With the potential fuel savings by installing a more efficient furnace, however, you will realize a ROI much more quickly than with a less efficient model. Ask your Port Moody Plumbing Contractor for a complete evaluation of your current system to determine your potential cost savings.