Cochrane, Calgary, AB Plumbers: Your Hydronics Team

Cochrane, Calgary, AB Plumbers

Plumbers deal with hydronics. Which is to say that if it is delivered through a pipe, then getting that thing going requires a plumber. At High Mark Plumbing, your Cochrane, Calgary, AB Plumbers, we not only deal with the things that are delivered through pipes, or carried away by them, we also can handle heat pumps and electrical wiring where it is connected to plumbing.

There was a time when plumbing, so called because in ancient Rome most pipes were made from lead, was a simple affair which focused on coaxing water to flow where it was needed. These days, plumbing involves a great deal more. For example, water heaters can now be heated with heat pumps. Those same heat pumps can be used as part of your household heating and cooling system. You can save a great deal on energy expenditure in summer because the heat pump will extract the heat from the air in your house and use it to heat the water in your hot water holding tank. Since this cools the house air, you get two functions for the price of one. Since you don’t want your home chilled in winter, the heat pump can be set to extract heat from outside air or from a geothermal source instead.

High Mark Plumbing is your Cochrane, Calgary AB Plumbers, call us at (403) 407-5750 to learn more about our many services. Whether you need plumbers for installations, routine maintenance or repair, our licensed, certified, efficient team has the skills needed to take care of your plumbing system. We understand how plumbing works, from those basic skills that involve moving water from one place to another, to dealing with the many ways now possible to heat water for your comfort and convenience.