Cold Weather Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm

Cold Weather Tips for Keeping Your Home WarmWith this recent Arctic blast that North America has experienced, it’s important to know what you can do to keep yourself and your home as warm as possible. This can be a hard task, especially when you try to do without running up a sky-high electricity or gas bill. However, there are a few cost-efficient ways we recommend you implement in order to keep your home in Maple Ridge warm and comfortable all year round.

Caulk Windows – Windows, especially older ones, allow cold air in and warm air out. Make sure they are properly caulked in order to ensure no cold air is escaping into your home.

Weather-strip Doors – Doors allow cold air inside your house and allow heat to escape. Weather-stripping will prevent both of these.

Wrap Your Boiler – There are blankets designed especially for your boiler. By      wrapping it, it keeps more heat in and lets less out.

Boiler Service – It is always recommended to call a boiler repair service and repair company for a routine boiler service prior to the colder weather. Even if the cold weather has already hit, call to have your boiler serviced so that any boiler repairs can be fixed immediately and ensure that your equipment is functioning properly and efficiently.

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