Common Causes for Vancouver’s Noisy Pipes

Are you experiencing undue noise in your plumbing system? Often, the cause and the solution are quite simple. If, however, you are unable to diagnose and cure the noise of your pipes, Vancouver Plumbing Experts can fix your problem!

Water Hammer

The definition of water hammer is the loud bang that occurs when the water supply is turned off suddenly. The simple physics that creates the phenomenon is ‘a body in motion tends to stay in motion’ and, ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. Running water contains energy — in the direction of flow — and when that flow is suddenly stopped, the reaction is for the water to continue to flow and bang into the closed valve. Possible cause for this sound is a leaky air cushioning in the pipe that cannot properly absorb the water’s energy.

Whistling Pipes

A pipe that encounters restricted flow as the valve is turned on may whistle. This can be a result of sediment build-up in the line. Another potential cause is a defective valve.

Rattling Pipes

Water rushing through loosely attached pipe sections can cause rattling (another example of physics at work). The vibration in the pipe hitting a solid object causes the rattling. By securing pipe clamps and cushioning between the pipe and any object will eliminate the vibration and rattling.

Creaking Pipes

Expansion and contraction of pipes as hot water is run through them, and then eliminated causes creaking noises. Especially if the hot water piping runs through a significantly colder spot, the pipes experience a great deal of expansion and contraction. To minimize this effect, you can either insulate the pipes, add heat tracing to the chilled portion or create an area for expansion.