Comparing Repairs – Traditional and Trenchless Water Main in Vancouver

Comparing Repairs - Traditional and Trenchless Water Main in Vancouver

When your home’s water main breaks or becomes leaky, you can be left with a hefty repair bill and a lengthy cleanup process. That is unless you call the water main experts at High Mark Plumbing. Our team of experienced service providers can respond within 24 hours and provide you cost-saving options, such as our innovative trenchless water main repair in Vancouver.

But you may be asking, “what is a trenchless water main repair? Is it better than a traditional water main repair method?” To answer the second question – absolutely! As its name suggests, a trenchless water main repair forgoes the need to dig up large portions of your property to access the faulty infrastructure. This, in turn, allows the process to occur much more efficiently while remaining fully affordable.

Traditional water main repairs are also known for a significant rate of recurrence, leading you back down the expensive repair path after just a few years. Trenchless water main repair methods prevent the most common causes of recurrence by only requiring two holes to be dug in your yard. From there, we install higher quality piping that is sure to outlast hardware from a traditional repair job.

Also, a trenchless water main repair technique will save you time on the front end of your job, when water damage is most likely to occur. After we diagnosis your water main problem, our planning experts will be able to work with you to chart out the trenchless repair. From there, our service team will be ready to start in as soon as the next day, rather than needing to wait for heavy land-moving equipment to be called in.

All in all, there are numerous benefits of a trenchless water main repair in Vancouver that homeowners should take into full consideration. When you call us, High Mark Plumbing, at (604) 678-1650 today, one of our certified professional team members will speak with you and discuss how a trenchless water main repair will be the right plumbing repair option for you.