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drain tile repair in Fairview Vancouver BC

February is an anomalous sort of month. It isn’t real winter, but it isn’t quite spring yet, either. But it is still a good month to ask High Mark Plumbing about your drain tile repair in Fairview Vancouver BC. In spite of there still being days of bitter cold, the weather begins to have that fresh promise of seasonal change – right along with all the spring cleaning and repairs that implies.

Drain tiles are an important part of your home infrastructure. They help pull groundwater away from your foundation or basement walls and keep it from mingling with the effluent in your sewer. As you probably already know, when storm waters and sewage combine they can overflow normal waste processing facilities. This creates the potential for water pollution and all the complications for health and the environment that goes along with it. A drain tile is a simple device. It is a tube with holes in it, designed to give groundwater a point of least resistance through which to flow. It can channel that water into a storm drain, allowing it to join other natural water flow in creeks, rivers or lakes. It can be broken, crushed or invaded by tree roots – all of which requires repair or replacement of the tile to allow the drain channel to work properly.

High Mark Plumbing at (604)945-6060, can help with your drain tile repair in Fairview Vancouver BC. With our modern equipment, we can often correct problems without extensive digging. Thanks to digital cameras and similar devices, we can pinpoint the difficulty and check the rest of your drain without massive disturbance of your valuable landscaping. This saves everyone time and money, and we are glad to share our expertise with you.