Covered for Sewer Main Cleaning in Langley

shutterstock_174313106High Mark Plumbing has you covered for sewer main cleaning in Langley. Sewer mains come in two sorts: the big ones that are maintained by your utility company and the smaller ones that run from your household to the big one. Of course, the big sewer main takes all of the effluent from your home and others to the treatment plant, where water and solids are separated and treated so that the water is drinkable and the solids can be made into fertilizer.

Sewer mains are an important component in modern sanitation. They carry away household wastes, keeping them separated (hopefully) from the waters contained in storm drains and from groundwater. Mixing effluent with groundwater is one of the ways that diseases can be spread throughout a community. Reclaiming both water and solids is also important to good ecological practice. Modern science teaches us that the earth is a closed system – a large one, but still closed – so it is important that we conserve our resources. Reclaiming and recycling sewage is actually a very important part of good sanitation practice – one that can benefit our water supply and farming.

High Mark Plumbing has you covered for sewer main cleaning in Langley, just call (604)945-6060 for an appointment. Our knowledgeable and well-equipped team will make sure that your connection from your home to the big sewer main is clear and free of obstruction so that your household wastes will flow away to the recycling plant. No one loves a drain that doesn’t flow correctly and it is no fun to deal with backflow into your home. We can help to prevent both those situations. Plumbing is one of those things we like to have work without having to think about it.