Dealing with a Frozen Sewer Main

sewer main replacement in BurnabyFrozen pipes can be a real problem during the colder winter months. In particular, an iced water main can cause significant issues within your residence or business. Much of the time, a repair is all that is necessary but there are occasions when sewer main replacement in Burnaby may be required.

A frozen sewer main is typically the result of a clog within the pipes that has solidified in temperatures that remain below freezing. The mass causes the water backed up behind it to freeze, as well, which expands in the pipes and provides unwelcome pressure on the pipe material no matter what type it may be.

This creates an opportunity for even a tiny crack to release several hundred gallons of water per day or for extensive pipe failure to occur. Property damage and expensive repairs inevitably follow. Sometimes the clog can be loosened with a snake or jetting before it bursts but this should only be attempted by experienced individuals.

If you suspect that you may have a frozen water main, it is crucial to turn it off to reduce the amount of pressure in the line to prevent further injury. If the pipes are visible, they can be warmed with a hair dryer (never an open flame) until water begins to flow again. Pipes that cannot be easily inspected require a plumbing professional.

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