Discover the Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Burnaby

Discover the Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Burnaby

Imagine you are outside having a discussion with a neighbor when you look out and notice a large, dark puddle in your back yard. It hasn’t rained recently, so you aren’t really sure where this puddle could have come from. Upon further inspection, you discover that there must be a break in your sewer line. This is the last thing you need especially with your family vacation coming up. You’re feeling a bit frustrated because you know the process of fixing this issue is time-consuming and quite expensive, not to mention it causes a huge mess. But your neighbor tells you about trenchless sewer repair in Burnaby, which definitely sounds like something you can benefit from.

Trenchless Over Traditional

When you first discovered the problem, you were frustrated because you only knew of one method of fixing your sewer line issues, that is the traditional method. With this method, large, deep trenches were dug to gain access to the lines below. This took quite a bit of manpower, equipment, time and not to mention money. The cleanup was also a time-consuming process and it really could wreck your land around the sewer lines.

The good news is now, there is a more cost-effective and land friendly option, that is trenchless repair. Trenchless repair only uses two to three holes to gain access to the lines below. Once the problem is determined repairs are made through these same holes, and when completed they are covered and filled with soil, making the cleanup much more simple.

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