Do You Need a Sump Pump? – Vancouver Plumbing Experts Offer Sump Pump Service too!

Do You Need a Sump Pump?If you have a problem with standing water in your basement or crawlspace, a sump pump is an extremely effective solution to the problem. For general Vancouver Plumbing Services, residents rely on High Mark Plumbing. The qualified technicians at High Mark Plumbing will assess your water removal needs and can do a complete installation of a sump pump if necessary.

There are some measures that you can take to assure that the water in a home’s sub-level is in fact an infiltration issue.

  1. Check roof drainage – be certain that all gutters are cleaned on a regular basis and that downspouts are properly connected and direct water at least 6-feet from the foundation.
  2. Check landscaping grade – be sure that all fill is sloped away from the structure and that patios, sidewalks and driveways slope away from the house.
  3. Check for openings – fill any masonry openings or other points of possible water infiltration with flexible caulk or masonry filler.
  4. Check humidity – if the humidity is extremely high in a basement, over time, water will accumulate and appear to be an infiltration. If you suspect that humidity is the real problem, install a dehumidifier and see if the issue resolves.
  5. Check plumbing – check that pipes are not leaking; repair as necessary. Also check for sweating pipes; insulate as required to reduce/eliminate pipe sweat. Finally, check all connections for leaks; repair as necessary.

If you are not comfortable performing the plumbing inspection, the folks at High Mark are happy to help! If you find that your basement is taking on water through ground infiltration, the most economical solution just may be a sump pump. The system is a simple, elegant one.


A sump pit is excavated in the lowest part of the basement or crawl space. The dimensions are generally  18-inch square by 2-feet deep. The bottom of the pit is filled with gravel large enough to not be sucked through the pump’s grate, and the sump pump is set in the pit. Through natural hydraulics, as the elevation of the water around the foundation begins to raise, it will first fill the sump pit – 2-feet below the elevation of your basement. As the water fills the pit, the sump pump switches on and eliminates it via drainage pipe away from the structure.


There are different switching mechanisms that activate the pump:

  • Manual – switch activated as desired
  • Automatic Float – as the water rises, the float (attached to the switch) raises, and the linkage activates the switch
  • Automatic Pressure Switch – as the water rises, the pressure increases and activates the switch

While the manual switch pumps are less expensive, it is strongly advised to make the investment in an automatic sump pump. The automatic pumps run on standard household current and need only be plugged in to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

The basic sump pump employs centrifugal force created by an impeller that forces the water in the pit toward the inside of the pipe walls. A low-pressure void is formed in the center of the pipe, that the water in the pit rushes to fill. The impeller then pushes the water through the pipe and away from the house.

Rest assured, Vancouver Plumbing Services use only the highest quality equipment  for all your needs. Their highly experienced plumbers can evaluate and offer the best system for your home.  To service or repair your Vancouver Sump Pump, contact Highmark Plumbing, your local Vancouver Plumbing experts!