Do You Need Boiler Service in Kitsilano Vancouver BC?

A boiler is a type of older technology that has been steadily improving over the last 150 or so years. Originally developed in the mid-1800s, boilers have many purposes ranging from running factory machinery to heating apartment buildings and homes. Highmark Plumbing has your boiler service in Kitsilano Vancouver BC when you need it.

One of the most prevalent uses of boilers in modern times is as part of a radiant heating system. A boiler can generate hot water or steam that is then delivered to other parts of the building. The advantage to a radiant heating system is that it doesn’t cease to be warm when the burner is shut off. Instead, it continues to radiate heat thus maintaining a more even temperature than forced air heat. It is also less prone to delivering dust and dander via air ducts.

One of the more impressive new developments is the ability to add a heat pump to your radiant heat system to give a boost to its efficiency. Like most hot water systems, boilers should receive yearly maintenance – just to check the efficiency, calibrate thermostats and pressure indicators and to make sure that pressure valves and emergency drain systems are operating correctly. That’s where we come in.

High Mark Plumbing can quickly, efficiently and effectively take care of your boiler service in Kitsilano Vancouver BC, just call us at (604) 678-9440 to make an appointment. We also maintain weekend and after-hours service for those emergency calls. If your boiler uses gas as its heating source, make your call from a safe location away from the problem. We will be there as quickly as possible. The well-being and comfort of our customers is always our topmost priority. We hold you in high regard, and it is for that reason that our technicians have excellent training and credentials as well as extensive experience.