Does Your Vancouver Gas Furnace Really Need a Tune-Up Every Year?

Do you have your Vancouver Gas Furnace tuned up every year? If you answer is “NO”, now is a perfect time to start! The expert Vancouver Furnace Repair technicians at Highmark Plumbing advise that you have your gas furnace inspected routinely after every heating season. As we are well out of this heating season, it is time to schedule your annual inspection visit! Even with improved safety features in newer gas furnaces, there are a multitude of variables that cannot be monitored by even the most advanced safety systems. It is essential that a ¬†certified technician perform a full inspection to assure that your furnace is operating at its peak efficiency.

At minimum, an annual inspection will include:

  • Fuel/Air Ratio — if the rate of fresh air or gas pressure supplies are incorrect, it can result in incomplete combustion. Soot build-up and carbon monoxide (CO) are byproducts of incomplete combustion. To assure both your safety from potential CO poisoning as well as peak efficiency, this must be monitored and corrected as necessary.
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring — annual monitoring of your CO levels is essential! Your technician will measure the CO concentration with a carbon monoxide detector. Any reading in excess of 9 parts per million indicates a safety hazard and must be addressed immediately.
  • Heat Exchanger Inspection — occasionally, the heat exchanger on a gas furnace can crack as a result of the stress from continual heating and cooling cycle. A damaged heat exchanger can allow CO to leak into your home and must be replaced immediately.
  • Safety Limits — all safety limits must be checked to insure that the gas feed to the burners will shut off if an unsafe operating condition is detected. If the safety device is not operating properly, a gas furnace could reach extremely high temperatures which is a potential catastrophic hazard.

Although the most important reason for an annual service of your gas furnace is to assure safe operation, achieving peak efficiency is also a consideration. With increased efficiency, you will burn less gas and save money. Be sure to mark your calendar every June for an annual gas furnace inspection!