Don’t Get Left in The Cold: Boiler Service in Cochrane, Calgary, AB

Boiler Service in Cochrane, Calgary, AB

“As the boiler coughed and died, we lit the fire and cried; We didn’t have the wood to last the day…” Hands of My Salvation, by Leslie Fish. The quotation is from a somewhat problematical story about college girls who are snowbound in their dormitory. Their situation reveals their heroic qualities as they fend for themselves. High Mark Plumbing can help you prevent needing such heroism by providing boiler service in Cochrane, Calgary, AB.

Boilers, especially the older ones, can be a bit temperamental. They involve a heat source, water, and steam – basic materials for producing heat. Fortunately, modern science has provided boilers that include safety valves (no Thomas Edison exploding tea kettles, thanks!), pressure gauges and thermostats to make your boiler a well-behaved appliance that keeps your home snug and toasty. Boilers are often part of a radiant hot water system or steam radiator system, two heating methods that feel warmer and are more satisfying to inhabitants than forced air heat. They do, however, have a lot of parts that can develop problems – the heating element, the thermostats or pressure gauges, leaking pipes or radiators. They rarely “cough and die” unless the fuel runs out. Perhaps a geothermal heat pump could have solved the girls’ problem. Spring is a good time to get in a thorough service of your boiler, however, to prevent such behavior – however problematic.

Call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750 to schedule your boiler service in Cochrane, Calgary, AB. No heroic venturing into snow storms to cut wood required, just a little fore-thoughtful preparedness to keep your boiler burbling along happily through the deepest blizzard. Boiler systems that combine with heat pumps and perhaps even your hot water heater make for a marvelously comfortable heating system – and can even help your summer air conditioning.