Drain Cleaning in Chestermere, Calgary, AB

High Mark Plumbing can help with your drain cleaning in Chestermere, Calgary, AB. Clean drains allow waste and dirty water to flow away from your home, or they can redirect storm water away from basement walls and foundations.

Drains are like the arteries of your home. In your body, arteries return spent blood to your heart and lungs where it can be renewed. Drains remove wastes and dirty water from your home, taking it either to sewage treatment plants or returning it (in the case of storm drains and rain water) to lakes and streams where it evaporates preparatory to becoming rain. However, trees, grass and other things with roots like to dip into those drains because they contain water and nutrients. If roots, dirt, lawn clippings and more manage to make their way into the drains leading away from you home the result is backed-up sinks, over-flowing toilets and seeping walls in your basement. Well, maybe not all those things at once, but these are symptoms of drains that can no longer do their job. We can clean out those drains – often without digging – and restore your plumbing system to its proper behavior. Thanks to modern equipment and techniques, we can often even handle repairs with minimal digging.

If it is time for your drain cleaning in Chestermere, Calgary AB, call High Mark Plumbing at (403)407-5750. Our licensed, certified team of experienced technicians will have your drains back to doing their job correctly in almost no time. With more than 25 years of experience in plumbing, we are dedicated to helping you have all the comforts that go with indoor plumbing, which is sometimes said to be one of the hallmarks of civilization.