Drain Cleaning in Coquitlam

drain cleaning in CoquitlamHigh Mark Plumbing can help with your drain cleaning in Coquitlam. As the trees and shrubs in your neighborhood wake up, they reach their roots for the nearest water and nutrient source. Your effluent drain could be very attractive to a hungry, thirsty tree. Unfortunately, those invasive roots can cause clogs and damage for your drains.

The black water (bathroom effluent) and gray water (effluent from kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, and washing machines) have content that is full of nutrients that can be used by vegetation of all kinds. Unfortunately, untreated sewage also attracts all kinds of bacteria that can contaminate groundwater and surface water. When your drains are working properly, you scarcely need to give this any thought at all because the effluent from your home is carried either to a central sewage processing plant or to an individual septic tank where the nutrients can be separated out from the water. The water can then be treated and returned to water systems. The solids that are strained out can be used as fertilizer. Trees don’t know this, however. They reached their greedy roots for the “goodies” in your drains. As a result, their roots can cause clogs or can even break down the materials that are used as drain pipes. There are both chemical and physical solutions for invasive tree roots. Most of them are formulated so as to not harm the tree – just to get those little rootlets out of your drains before they wreak havoc.

High Mark Plumbing can help with your drain cleaning in Coquitlam, just give us a call at 604)945-6060. Whether your drains are backing up because of invasive tree roots or for some other reason, we have the tools and the knowledge needed to take care of those clogs.