Drain Cleaning in Langley

drain cleaning in LangleyThe holidays can not only wreak havoc on your waistline, but the plumbing system at your home as well. Numerous guests sharing the facilities, as well as cooking waste being deposited into the drains, can both lead to significant problems that require drain cleaning in Langley.

The number one cause of blocked sewers during this season of overindulgence is hardened grease. This is due to an overload of scraps forced down our drains in the form of potato peels, pumpkin pulp and more that can develop clogs of these semi-solids and from grease being poured into the drain.

Overworked cooks are frequently responsible for these issues. It is just simpler to dump food waste and leftover grease into the drain, add a little water and forget about it. This can only lead to difficulties that will exacerbate your holiday stress. Grease and oil from fried turkeys, bacon, roasts and hams that lands down the drain will congeal or form a wax-like solid that prevents water and other liquid from going through the pipe system.

If this should happen to you, call High Mark Plumbing. We are well-equipped to handle these types of emergencies and offer 24 hour service.

To completely avoid this dilemma, put food pieces and grease in the trash instead of down the drain. But, should the worst happen, feel free to call us at High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-9440 so that we can quickly and affordably restore your drain to normal. We are available for immediate drain cleaning in Langley.