Drain Cleaning in Langley

Drain Cleaning in LangleyHigh Mark Plumbing has a lot of information about drain cleaning in Langley. Drain cleaning is important to keeping your plumbing system flowing properly. Everyone who has ever had a sink or toilet back up would certainly agree with that statement. The other thing that most folks will agree with is that cleaning out a drain can be tricky business.

Fortunately, modern technology has brought some good developments in this department. When a plumbing problem has gone beyond using a plunger or a little liquid drain cleaner, more extensive solutions are needed. One of these is a device that is commonly known as a plumber’s snake. It is a spring-like end attached to a flexible cable that can be rotated as it is fed into a clogged line. The spring can pick up fabric or similar items and allow them to be pulled back up. If this is not sufficient, a specially made camera can be attached to a similar line and threaded into the pipe allowing the plumber to see the cause of the clog. There is also an auger, attached to that same sort of flexible line that can be used to clear out tree roots. Finally, if the little camera has revealed a collapsed or broken line, that auger can bore through the obstruction and a flexible line can be inserted into the old line. The really good news here is that these things can be done without digging.

High Mark Plumbing can help with your drain cleaning in Langley, just call us at (604)945-6060 for an investigation of your drain difficulty. Our friendly office staff will set up an appointment or – if it is an emergency – will get one of our teams to you as quickly as possible.