Drain Cleaning in Shaughnessy, Vancouver BC

drain cleaning in Shaughnessy

High Mark Plumbing has your drain cleaning in Shaughnessy. All good plumbing systems have drains, as do all good building and landscaping plans. Drains perform two primary functions: they allow removal of effluent, that combination of water that has been used for washing, bathing and flushing the toilet and they direct groundwater away from your building.

Effluent drains are usually referred to as sewer mains. They handle all the waste water from your home or business. In a home, that waste water usually includes water from your bathroom and from your kitchen. When combined with solids, it is call “effluent” and this liquid waste is piped to a septic tank, septic pool or waste processing plant – depending upon your location and local regulations. Perimeter or storm drains manage groundwater, keeping it away from foundations or basement walls. A good drain system will keep these two things separate. When they mix, it either causes an added load on the septic system or it contaminates local groundwater – neither of which are desirable outcomes. Tree roots are a major hazard to both types of drain, and can cause loss of integrity that can lead to mixing the two water sources. Trees don’t understand this; their roots are designed to seek out moisture and nutrients – and your drains are often full of both. Using modern technology, we can quickly clean your drains and keep them functioning correctly.

High Mark Plumbing has your drain cleaning in Shaughnessy, call us at (403)407-5750 to learn more about how we can keep your drain system functioning correctly. We have the team, the equipment, the know-how and the experience to do this effectively. In most cases, minimal digging is required, which is good news for your landscaping.